Monday, October 26, 2009

Illustrapedia Challenge for October (part 2)

I've managed to finish the Illustrapeda October challenge ("Halloween") with plenty of time to spare...

Harry's Horrendous Halloween Machine

The idea of the story behind the image remains the same (read my last post or click on the image above to go to Flickr page).

As far as the approach for this image, I decided to go with a more traditional inked version (with more hatching and shading than I normally do). The colours were added in Photoshop. I wanted the ink texturing to show through more, so I refrained from adding any sort of shadows or shading in Photoshop, I just added the colours and highlights. This also helped to give the image a darker look, considering it's subject matter!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Illustrapedia Challenge for October

The next challenge (October) for Illustrapedia is "Halloween". I thought this might be a bit tricky, because it's one of those conventional events of the year, and all too easy to draw some conventional stuff.

So, I've tried to think of a theme (as I usually do with these challenges) that centres around a story. Nothing concrete yet, but I had this idea about a boy (who may be good or bad) who invents a machine for Halloween. As I haven't decided the boy's true intentions (good or evil), I therefore haven't decided the purpose of this machine. All I know is that it involves the real witches, ghosts and ghouls of Halloween being invited to try the machine out.

The basic thumbnails of my idea:
Halloween - thumbnail

I like drawing machinery, so this was a bit of an excuse to include some type of bizarre contraption! I still need to tweak the machine a bit. For instance, I'm not sure if the main body (box) should actually be a coffin. And I want to add some more cogs, levers, etc. The idea of a clock (coupled with the cogs) seems quite good, which shows the approach of the witching hour!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A to Z Alphabet

Well, I managed to finish my "Y" image for the A to Z Alphabet group on Flickr.

Letter Y - final

Unfortuneately, I missed the August and September deadines for the other Flickr group, Illustrapedia. However, I did a little sort of "cheat" picture and submitted it late (last night) which combined the two topics (Aliens and Musicians).

Musicians - coloured

And was coloured using an old set of Rexel Colouring (and Painting) crayons that I stil had in my cupboard. Quite weird to go back to traditional methods without the use of the good ol' "undo" feature of Photoshop!!

Anyway, I've got (hopefully) quite a nice idea for the October topic - "Halloween". Onward...