Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jack the Giant Killer

So...the big project has started! There's been a big lull in between this post and the last...various happenings in the house (decorating, etc.) have kept me away from the drawing board too long!

It will be obvious from the title of this post that my aim is to illustrate the age-old story of "Jack the Giant Killer". The story of Jack the Giant Killer has been passed down through the generations. The exact origins of the story are unknown, but it is said to have existed in a chapbook as far back as 1711. The earliest surviving text, entitled "The History of Jack and the Giants", was published somewhere between 1750 and 1760.

As stated in my previous post, I am attempting to put my own illustrative spin on the tale. The story itself is not in copyright, and is based on folklore, making it difficult to find its exact origins. (It is actually said to have links with the other famous Jack..."Jack and the Beanstalk".) As such, this makes it an ideal story to illustrate without infringing any copyright!

Anyway, I've posted some initial thumbnails and a character sketch for my own visualisation of "Jack the Giant Killer". The next few months will be taken up with more character sketches, but Jack is done (well, the pencilled version anyway) and available to view:

Jack - character sheet - pencilled

The next step for the above character sheet is to show the coloured and inked versions. This will help to show the style that will be used throughout the book.

On that subject, the illustrations will consist of black and white (inked) drawings and full-page colour spreads. There will also be various small inset drawings scattered throughout, e.g. pennants, weapons, scriptures, etc. that pertain to the feel of the period.

If you click on the above image it will take you to my Flickr set of "Jack the Giant Killer" images, which also contains some other thumbnail sketches of early designs, clothing, weapons, etc. You will also find more notes with each image that explain the ideas on the setting: Anglo-Saxon England...the "Dark Ages" :)