Monday, October 24, 2011

A hair-raising project (cont.)

Well, I've finished the pencils sketches for the young women illustrations, and now I'm moving onto the inking, and then the colouring.

I've since found out that the money wallets are also referred to as Gift Wallet Cards (<-- click the link to see a YouTube video on how you can make your own).

The idea with the wallets aimed at young women is based more on the "before" and "after" approach...

Young Woman - Pose 01 - pencilledYoung Woman - Pose 02 - pencilled

Look to future posts on the wording and finished products!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A hair-raising project

I've now got a 3rd project under way, with the "Nan & Granddad's Seaside" cartoon temporarily on hold, along with my "Jack the Giant Killer" project (doh)!

I've been commissioned to come up with some character designs to be used on money wallets that will hold gift vouchers. The wallet (and vouchers) are to help promote custom for a hair salon. These first illustrations are specifically aimed at gift vouchers for young men...the challenge being, not only to target the person buying the gift voucher, but to also make it appealing to the person (young man) receiving the voucher!

Young Man - Pose 01 - pencilledYoung Man - Pose 02 - pencilledYoung Man - Pose 03 - pencilled

There will another set coming along soon, aimed at vouchers for young women. Future sets will also target older men, older women and possibly families.

Once the characters are fully coloured and rendered, I'll post the finished images, along with some photos of the finished money wallets.