Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nan and Granddad's Seaside - finished!

Well, I've finally finished the "Nan and Granddad's Seaside" cartoon originally intended for my Mum and Dad's 70th birthday! least it's in time for Christmas!

Here's the final image:
A Pensioner's Guide

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A hair-raising project...Complete!

Well, I've managed to finish the remaining illustrations. Here are the images for the front and inside of the young woman Gift Wallet Card:

Gift Wallet Card cover (click to see full-size):
Young Woman - Pose 01

Gift Wallet Card inside flap (click to see full-size):
Young Woman - Pose 02

And here's a line-up of the finished products. I ended up printing on 150gsm Photo Card, to give the cards a more professional look and to make sure they were sturdy enough to stand up.

Cards - standing

Young Man Card - FrontYoung Man Card - InsideYoung Woman Card - FrontYoung Woman Card - Inside

Right...back to the Nan & Granddad picture... ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A hair-raising project (cont.)

The inking and colouring is finished for the "young man" illustrations. I'm still working on the young female images.

Gift Wallet Card cover (click to see full-size):
Young Man - Pose 01

Gift Wallet Card inside flap (click to see full-size):
Young Man - Pose 03

Onward ever onward....:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

A hair-raising project (cont.)

Well, I've finished the pencils sketches for the young women illustrations, and now I'm moving onto the inking, and then the colouring.

I've since found out that the money wallets are also referred to as Gift Wallet Cards (<-- click the link to see a YouTube video on how you can make your own).

The idea with the wallets aimed at young women is based more on the "before" and "after" approach...

Young Woman - Pose 01 - pencilledYoung Woman - Pose 02 - pencilled

Look to future posts on the wording and finished products!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A hair-raising project

I've now got a 3rd project under way, with the "Nan & Granddad's Seaside" cartoon temporarily on hold, along with my "Jack the Giant Killer" project (doh)!

I've been commissioned to come up with some character designs to be used on money wallets that will hold gift vouchers. The wallet (and vouchers) are to help promote custom for a hair salon. These first illustrations are specifically aimed at gift vouchers for young men...the challenge being, not only to target the person buying the gift voucher, but to also make it appealing to the person (young man) receiving the voucher!

Young Man - Pose 01 - pencilledYoung Man - Pose 02 - pencilledYoung Man - Pose 03 - pencilled

There will another set coming along soon, aimed at vouchers for young women. Future sets will also target older men, older women and possibly families.

Once the characters are fully coloured and rendered, I'll post the finished images, along with some photos of the finished money wallets.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What's been goin' on...?

It's been quiet on the art front for a while. I'm quite keen to get back to my Jack project! (If my blog was a plant, it would have shrivelled up and died by now due to lack of attention!)

Recently, my Mum and Dad celebrated their 70th birthdays, so I decided to come up with another "Nan & Granddad's Seaside" strip for them (I've done a couple over the past few years). Unfortunately, the usual work and life commitments prevented me from finishing it on time, so I'm still working on the colouring process. Doh!

Here are the pencils for the strip, plus a preview of the coloured title panel. The theme for this strip is about a "Pensioner's Guide to the Digital Age". The basic premise is that "Nan & Granddad" (based on my parents!) have been given said book by their Grandsons (based on my boys!) to help them in this digital age. Naturally, things don't quite work out quite as well as the book suggests...

Pensioners Guide - pencilled

Pensioners Guide - preview

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jack the Giant Killer - Cormoran Character Sheet - Pencils

Yet again, it's been a while since my last post. One of the reasons for this is a little side-project I started before Christmas...making a MicroModel replica of the "Rocket" as a Christmas present for my Dad. More info on this at the bottom of this post!

I've got the pencils and inks for my Cormoran character sheet finished. I'm posting the pencils now while I make a start on the colouring. This will be the same approach as the character sheet for Jack - a mix of black-and-white and coloured styles.

Cormoran - character sheet - pencilled

This was really meant to be just a character sheet, that is, something that shows the character in various poses, with ideas on attire, colouring, etc. However, I couldn't resist drawing out my vision of how Jack tricks Cormoran into falling into his man-made pit. I see this as a main, coloured illustration because it is a key plot point, where Jack bags his first Giant!

Where I end up going with that particular image in the final book is uncertain. It's just an experiment in getting the feel of how Jack betters the giant. I feel the angle is not quite right. Really, I think Jack needs to be shown at a higher angle than the giant, to enforce the idea that Jack has got the better of the lumbering beast! The way to achieve this is to draw "behind" Jack (as if you're looking over his shoulder), having Jack look down into the pit.

Small note on the castle in the background. This is actually a copy of the building that stands on St Michaels Mount today (where Cormoran supposedly lived). However, the story does specify that he lived in a cave, so I may drop the castle from the final image...or at least go with a very basic type of castle-like building. Artistic license, don't you know :)

The animals drawing is another key point from the story that shows how Cormoran is always stealing animals from the village on the mainland. The drawing attempts to show big Cormoran is compared to the cows, sheep and pigs that he steals.

Right...little bit on that MicroModel. Over a period of a couple of months (I think!) I put together a MicroModel version of the "Rocket". I have the original cards from the 1940s, but rather than using the original templates, I made photcopies onto good quality card and made the engine from that. The display case was purchased from Model Display Cases, and they kindly put my photos of the engine and display case on their Facebook page:

I've also put some photos on my Flickr page:

Rocket - 01