Friday, July 1, 2011

What's been goin' on...?

It's been quiet on the art front for a while. I'm quite keen to get back to my Jack project! (If my blog was a plant, it would have shrivelled up and died by now due to lack of attention!)

Recently, my Mum and Dad celebrated their 70th birthdays, so I decided to come up with another "Nan & Granddad's Seaside" strip for them (I've done a couple over the past few years). Unfortunately, the usual work and life commitments prevented me from finishing it on time, so I'm still working on the colouring process. Doh!

Here are the pencils for the strip, plus a preview of the coloured title panel. The theme for this strip is about a "Pensioner's Guide to the Digital Age". The basic premise is that "Nan & Granddad" (based on my parents!) have been given said book by their Grandsons (based on my boys!) to help them in this digital age. Naturally, things don't quite work out quite as well as the book suggests...

Pensioners Guide - pencilled

Pensioners Guide - preview

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